TWebTreeView not visible / property editor not working

Win10 / VSC 1.58.0 / VSC WEBCore 1.3.4546

When placing a TWebTreeView onto a webform, and starting the web application, the TreeView is not visible. During designtime the Items property editor is not opening.

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I suspect you do not see the treeview because there are no runtime nodes?
At this moment, we do not have a design-time editor for the nodes. Most users load the treeview anyway in code, but it is on our todolist to add it just for completeness.

Hm, the solution was to call the EndUpdate() method, otherwise the TreeView is empty. I know this BeginUpdate()/EndUpdate methods for avoiding control repaint on every change, so is calling EndUpdate() to paint the nodes the wanted behaviour from your side?

Concerning the nodes editor - you are right - normally the TreeView content is loaded dynamically during runtime.

The treeview is rendering updated nodes information from the EndUpdate call.

Unusual the need of calling EndUpdate() without BeginUpdate() before. Is that the designed behaviour?

Updates Nodes always in a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block