TWebTableControl paging Error?

Hi, i was using TWebTableControl when i tried to use its paging feature it did give me an error. When i Clicked paging buttons.

Can you please give more details about your grid setup and in particular how you did load the data?
Also, is this TMS WEB Core v2.1.1.0 you are using?

Of Course,

Grid Setup:

As for loading data i am using TWebClientDataSet component




i found if project is in debug mode its working but when it is in release mode it is not working.

It looks like problem i have got with webdbgrid , in release mode the linker do not declare the variables not used , in your case variable s is used only in an asm block.

You have to edit source and add a fake reference to s variable to force linker to declare it


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Thanks for reporting.
We fixed it. Next update will address this.

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