TWebTableControl Bugs etc...


While developing app i came cross bugs i listed down below and i provided demo that holds all bugged forms. You can view each form by commenting or uncommenting forms create. If there are things i described as error but it isn't error i should say sorry for the beginning. (1.9 MB)

Error1: Getting Data Error
Error2: Filtering Feature Error
Error3: HideColumn Feature Error
Error4: Search Feature Error
Error5: TableOnCellClick Error
Error6: CellElements property






1: fixed
2: fixed
3: call HideColumn() from WebTableControl.OnHttpRequestSuccess. Browser hasn't update DOM yet on a call following the async call
4: fixed
5: fixed
6: call GetData from form OnShow. The grid is rendered from control.Loaded which is called after the form's OnCreate event.

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