OS: Debian 10 LXDE 64bit
Lazarus 2.0.12
FPC 3.2.2

I use the SQLDBBridge example

I managed to communicate with tables in firebird

I work successfully

My problem is to get the information from the database, because of which the command was not executed successfully

TWebSQLRestClientDataSet.onUpdateError - problems

How can I get the information that caused the change to fail?

We'll need to check with the author who wrote this free binding to the SQLDBBridge server.
Meanwhile, the reference to this technology is here:

Thanks Bruno.
I managed something by processing the event AfterApplyUpdates

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component TWebSQLRestClientDataset was created by "written by TMS Software"

with a proper call to the server, the restserver returns information of the type:
"error" : {
"code" : 404,
"message" : "NOT FOUND"

how can i read: "message" : "NOT FOUND"

What 'proper call' is happening from where?

The database sends feedback when it fails to record the data:

DELETE from "sPartner" where "sParnter"."PartnerID" = 0

violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_IDPartnerKonto_Dnevnik" on table "Dnevnik"

(when the "Dnevnik" table uses "sPartner"."PartnerID" = 0)

I'm sorry, but with this partial information I have no idea.

That information on Delphi can be obtained here: