TWebRichEdit GetContent

to read the HTML code GetContent is called
but this positions the cursor at the beginning of the text
is there a way to prevent this or to remember the position in the html text

We've investigated this and this seems an annoying side effect of either just changing the focus or accessing the element innerHTML.
A workaround is to get the cursor position before calling GetContent and then restoring it.
For this purpose, we added a new property WebRichEdit.CursorPosition: integer that you will be able to use for this.
This new property will be in the next release.

We tested the code with V2.3, but it gives an error message.
After GetContent, the edit field appears to have an incorrect length value.
I have attached a screenshot with before, after and the code.

We had to further refine this code for this kind of multi-line setup.
Next update will have this improvement.