How can I use this object by ElementID?

1) I set ElementID on TWebPageControl
2) in Unit1.html in body I did this:
<span id="el"></span>

I see that pages from TWebPageControl are displayed like witout match by ElementID.

Could you try this?

What do you mean "without match by elementid"?

I retested this, the WebPageControl outer HTML container element is effectively using the span in the HTML file as outer element. You will need to give this span a width & height though, as the tabsheet HTML elements are absolute positioned in the outer SPAN HTML element.
Hi Bruno,

See my example project on

I have told you : "You will need to give this span a width & height", yet I see that you just use <span id="el"></span> , i.e. you do NOT specify a width/height.

Ok I do this now ... you can download example:

but it is still display not properly, header pages is in correct place but pages are displayed at the top:

This is because the tabsheet is positioned absolute.

For me it should work like in bootstrap Toggleable/Dynamic Tabs: