TWebGoogleChart Pie


I can easily modify the color of the series when I use TWebGoogleChart in Bar, Line, Area mode but how can I change the colors of the slides of a Pie chart ?

item                        := webGoogleChart.series.add;
item.chartType        := gctPie;
for i := 0 to getNumSeriePoint - 1 do
   item.values.addPiePoint(getValSeriePoint   (i), getLegendSeriePoint(i));

item has a color property (which works when I've a serie of point to add in bar, line, area
but for a pie, I need to set the color for the new value ...


You can use the last parameter of the AddPiePoint call to set a color for each part of the Pie chart.

Series[].Values.AddPiePoint(AValue: Double; ALabel: string = ‘’; Offset: Double = 0; Color: TColor = clNone);

Thanks a lot. Everything working