Pie Charts and Bar chart X axis


2 questions

With DBAdvGDIPChartView, is it possible to set each pie segment's colour? At the moment it's taking the Series' colour and slightly varying each segment's colour. It looks bad and the Legend is hard to read. See this image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig8zeqinchlhdc3/chart.jpg?dl=0

Second - with a bar chart, it is possible to have a multi-line X axis legend? Or word wrap the legend when items are too large to display nicely? Currently, it looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9z6ubxg9md0uoz/chart1.jpg?dl=0

I know that making the chart panel bigger widens the x axis, but this is not a solution for me...


Yes, you can add a color when adding points with the AddPiePoints method. There is a parameter Color that you can use to color the slice. If there is no color, the series color is used.

For the Bart chart, there is no option to have multi-line legend unless you are manually adding linebreaks with #13#10 between words, or optionally you could also add an angle such as 45 degrees or 90 degrees to make the words be readable.