GoogleChart coloring bars


Can I have possibility in TWEBGoogleCharts to make a bars with different colors?

In google charts API I can do this in this way (   --> Coloring bars):


You can set the color of the bar for each Series through the Color property.


The question is how to change colors bars for one serie?

Example abovefrom google API page do this, how can I do this in WebGoogleChart?


Unfortunately there is currently no-built support for this feature.

However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Maybe next update?

We'll consider this feature when development work on the next update starts but unfortunately I can't confirm at this time if it will be included or not.

Ok ... I understand.
Btw role: annotation is cool feature I think :), but If you will implement role: style it is the same kind of  work.

Support for annotations has also been added to the feature-request list.
We'll consider adding this feature in a future version.