Web Core 1.2 Beta.

How can I control the appearance and size of this?



The text can be customized via properties. The graphic is right -now a hard-coded SVG path. We'll add it on the todolist to make it customizable.


The version of 1.2 available now is a few days later than the one I have so I will download and install again.

That made no difference. The problem is that TWebFilePicker is not registered in WebLib.WebReg.

Can I add it and rebuid TMW Web Core it myself?

If you use the registered version, yes.

Really want to use 1.2. When is this likely to be releasedd?

We are working every available minute to get the release ready. Aim is for somewhere this month.

Ok. I understand. What is good in the new 1.2 download I just did is that the TWebFileUpload now has a TFilePicker embedded which is absolutely idea. It also resolved the sizing issues I was having with the previous version. The TFilePicker in it is not exposed though. Is there any way of getting at this?

As I don't see the reason,  I would suggest to check with the next beta update we will make available.

The reason that I was not seeing the TWebFile picker component was that I was stupid enough to not uninstal the registered version first. Might be a good idea to trap this in the installer as per your other installers.

I see that TWebFilePicker has an OnGetFileBufferAsArray event which is ideal for my usage but TFile can only call GetFileAsText. Am I missing something here?

I check the code and TFile has the public method now GetFileAsArrayBuffer

Sorry, does that mean that it is not in yesterday's beta but will be in the next?

My mistake. I can call it ok. It is just that when I use code completion it doesn't appear in the list.

We internally fixed the autocompletion issue. Next update will address this.