New Beta Breaking Changes


Are there any as whilst your demos that I have tried run ok, all I get when I run mine is a blank screen?



I should add that I did a full uninstall first.

The reason it is not working is that I am using TWebTabsheet.TabVisible to hide the tab caption but now it hides the entite tab. How can I not show tab captions?

There are no breaking changes we knowingly introduced.

The first thing to look at is your browser console for errors and provide us details.

Seems to be a regression. We're investigating.

I'll add another one here rather than creating a new post.

I was using a TWebBitBtn with an ElementClassName of btn btn-outline-success and positioning another small image in the corner that could be clicked for additional help. Now this image alwas disappears behing the button and can't be clicked on. Bringing it forward makes no difference.

Another one I'm afraid.TWebFileUpload.OnDroppedFiles fires more than once if a single file is chosen, If it is dropped, it is ok!

The issue with TWebFileUpload is traced & fixed.

About TWebBitBtn, do you have more details about "positioning another small image", as I have no idea on what you do exactly and as such, I cannot reproduce.

Thanks, any chance of getting a new download for the fix?

Regarding small image. If I have this at design time:

The bigger one is a TWebBitBtn and the smaller one is a TWebImageControl.

If I then position the smaller image to be in the top RH corner of the button it disappears behind it and there is nothing I can do to get it to appear in front.

This was working fine before the new version.

So, you absolute positioned a TWebImageControl over a TWebBitBtn?

Did you try in code to get the WebImageControl HTML element and increase the z-index?

Setting BringToFront at runtime seems to work but not at design time. I think this has to do with the new property ChildOrder (at least I think it is new) which however I set it doesn't seem to make any difference. It is not published for all controls.

ChildOrder has no effect when ElementPosition = epAbsolute