Displaying an Image


I am using a TWebImageControl and setting the Picture property. It displays in the IDE but is blank when I run the application. Is there anything else I should do as the documentation says that it will be automatically deployed.

I am using the new beta.



I have retested this here but I could not see an issue.  Did you leave the URL property blank and only set a PNG, GIF, JPEG or bitmap image to WebImageControl.Picture?

Yes, I do that. I think the problem is because I also use DevEx components and their image loader is automatically being used rather than the default one.

I'm not sure what they are doing, we do not have this installed here. 

I would expect their component editors do not affect our controls. Maybe you can contact their support.

Thanks Bruno. Someone else has already done this but apparently it cannot be turned off on a per project basis and is always truned on for VCL projects. It can be permanently removed but I don't wish to do that as it is too useful elsewhere. I don't need to use too many images in the web app I am experimenting with so I guess I'll just use the URL property. Do I need to add any images I want to use to the deployment?

Yes, add the image to the project and then just set the name of the image to the URL property.

By add to the project do is that just adding the image in the deployment screenas I can't seem to get that to work.

No, add the file to the .DPROJ. Project Manager, context menu, "Add" and pick the image file.

Thanks. That works well. I'm having a few teething problems with the beta. Do you want me to report them here or send by email?

Please send any issue reports with the beta via email. Thanks!