TWebDBTableControl doesn't select the last row.

In the last version of the TWebDBTableControl it doesn't select the last row.

You can only select up to the penultimate row.

Is this v2.1.2.0?


I cannot reproduce this.
Dropped a TWebDBTableControl in the Demo\Basics\DBGrid demo and connected it to the WebDataSource and could select last row (Koenigsegg)

It only let me select the last row when I uncheck the RowHeader properties


When I mark RowHeader I can no longer select the last row and neither the OnGetCellChildren event accesses the last row.

@brunofierens alguma novidade referente a este problema?

Please use English language in this support center.

With the latest version I cannot reproduce your problem.
We retested it with the attached project. (5.6 KB)

I'm sorry for writing in Portuguese.

I discovered the problem, when the ColHeader property is unchecked, the problem of not letting the last line be selected, I unchecked it in your example and the same problem occurred.

I'm sorry but this project is with ColHeader = false and I still cannot see an issue. (5.6 KB)