TMS WEB Core, TWebDbGrid RowSelect

I have connected a grid with 3 columns from a TXDataDataset with TWebDataSource.
Despite set option "goRowSelect" the current row is not displayed with different background color. Only the indicator shows the current dataset.
Currently set options: [goFixedVertLine,goFixedHorzLine,goVertLine,goHorzLine,goColSizing,goRowSelect]

does anyone have any ideas?

Try SetFocus on the grid after the it's filled.

Hi Stephan,

I dont can see an effect:



It is a second TWebDbGrid placed on formular.
Even if I set the option on both grids, the line selection does not work.

I also have a form with two TWebDbGrid components. However, I use a TWebClientConnection component (and TWebDataset and TWebClientDataset). The only thing I have to program is to assign a url to the uri property. Setting the Active property to true highlights the first row.
No idea what's the issue is in your app.

WebClientConnectionPlots.Uri := url;
WebClientConnectionPlots.Active := True;

I use TMS WEB Core Version
Components are
TXDataWebConnection, XDataWebDataset and TWebDatasource

In design mode it is correctly:

I made a small demo application: (1.8 MB)
It connects to one of your demo json files and I only activated goRowSelect under Options and disabled goFixedRowDefAlign due to a compilation error (identifier not found).
I zipped all files from the folder.

The result is the same: Only the indicator is shown.

This was tested on a completely different machine. They have in common, that they also had older versions of TMS Web Core installed, which were updated.

Work fine on my computer.

What is the difference between the computers?
We tested on 3 different workstations.
Win10 Pro, Delphi 10.3 Enterprice, TMS WEB Core, Crome

The same in Edge browser.


I have posted the test app on my server:
Check if you can see the selected row.
It is different json file, but that should not be an issue

It works fine!
What do I have to do in my program?

Sorry, I have no idea. Did you also try Web Core 1.6 beta?

We made a comparison between both pages. We found out that the generated stylesheet does not match. So it is not applied to our grid.

How can we change this?


I have no idea. What is also strange that there is a reference to DBGrid2, whereas in my project the name of the grid is WEBDBGRID1.

This should be fixed in TMS WEB Core v1.6.
Its release is imminent. Meanwhile, you could also download the TMS WEB Core v1.6 RC from the "My Products" page on our website after login if you have an active TMS WEB Core license.

Thank you, with version it now works perfectly.