TWebTableControl extra row in Bootstrap


You can get my simple example project where I show the problem from address:

I fill table with procedure below:

procedure TForm1.wbtn1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[0,0]:='Header Col 1';
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[1,0]:='Header Col 2';
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[0,1]:='Row 1 Col 1';
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[1,1]:='Row 1 Col 2';
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[0,2]:='Row 2 Col 1';
  Self.wbtblcntrl1.Cells[1,2]:='Row 2 Col 2';


Why I get extra empty row in table?


We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.
Workaround with the current version is to set RowCount = 1 at design-time.

Ok .... thx ... but another one problem with TWebTableControl ... when you add cell with image e.g. like this:

wbtblcntrlWorkers.Cells[0,1]:=' <img src="images/worker.png" style="height:30px;width: 30px;"><br>Worker One')

OnClickCell event not fired when you click on image in cell.

Could you check this?


Your image is getting the mouse clicks and no longer the cell.
Turn off mouse interaction with the image by adding the style attribute pointer-events: none;

I did this like below, but the same problem:

wbtblcntrlWorkers.Cells[0,1]:=' <img src="images/worker.png" style="height:30px;width: 30px; pointer-events: none"><br>Worker One')

OK ... sorry you are right ... now is ok ... I had to clear browser cache after this change ... thank you