TWebDBDateTimePicker issues

I have been having 2 issues with this (apart from the one I have previously posted about Both of these are in the OnExit(onBlur) event:

  1. The linked database field returns a 0 date, i.e. the data hasn't been written to the field at this stage
  2. when the date is removed by using the backspace key so that there is no value, just the text prompt for the format, reading the date when exiting returns the date that was entered before the clearing.

Any idea on how to get around these, at least the second one?


Handle it in the dataset.BeforePost to set the value you expect in such case?

that wouldn't work as I need to validate the field when the user leaves it. It's strange that it retains the value even though the visual aspect has been cleared.

We fixed that when the value is left empty (i.e. just format specifier), it will return 0 in OnExit.
This fix will be in the next release.

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I'm really looking forward to the next release! but check out my comment on autocomplete