TVrWheel input functionality

I want to skin the TVrWheel to look like a compass, however the dot that indicates the current position doesn't rotate, so I can't make a needle looking interface that would rotate about the centre point, pointing at the user's chosen position.

Further, I also want the option to make the the TVrWheel look and behave like a quarter dial, to allow the user to choose an acute angle - either that, or if there is some other input control that looks like these objects, but works as smoothly as the TVrWheel, can you identify it for me? I have attempted to use TVrAngularMeter and TAdvSmoothGauge, however they don't work as well as the TVrWheel for input. In the case of VrAngularMeter it seems that even though it has an OnChange even, it doesn't respond to any interaction.

Can I get some interaction from a TMS developer on this? I'd really like to move forward with this issue.