TAdvSpinEdit with equation evaluation

I have a need for a component that provides the capabilities of TAdvSpinEdit, primarily the incorporation of the spinner and all of the formatting capabilities, along with providing the ability for the user to evaluate simple equations that they might want to type in.

Our users are often entering information regarding sizes, and so evaluating 1/16 to 0.0625 is helpful. They also might want to enter something like "100mm" to be evaluated to 3.9370 inches. If the SpinEdit would allow entering non-numeric text and then trigger an event, we could evaluate the string and then return a legal value for the SpinEdit to display.

We have accomplished this in the past by using TEdit along with TUpDown. The TAdvSpinEdit has lots of advantages and greatly simplifies the implementation. It would be great if there was the added flexibility to evaluate a typed equation.


We have an edit control with formula parser: TCalcEdit.

Either you can add spin buttons to a TCalcEdit or integrate this formula parsing in TAdvSpinEdit