0 TO 360 ?

At this moment this is not configurable, but this is a good suggestion indeed. We'll consider it.

You mean that the arrow has only one direction ?

or has 4 directions : up , down, right, left

I thought you request a variable angle between 0 and 360, i.e. also an angle like 122... and a free configurable angle is at this time not possible.

i am looking for something like TTMSFMXNeedleShape for VCL

Please note that you can use TTMSFMXNeedleShape perfectly in a VCL app.

You are right,
but i change all my software to the FNC suite like you suggest
and i missed only a component like an arrow or a needle, something to show Wind Direction.
You have a whole suite FNC,
you have a special toolbox TMS FNC Dashboard Pack
and no arrow or needle with an angle 0..360 property !
Now i have to upgrade TMS FMX UI Pack
that i thought it was deprecated
only for one component !
Are you that i can use TTMSFMXNeedleShape in a VCL app.
i can not find a reference for that at the pdf manual

Sorry, I confused, FMX cannot be used in VCL, but all FNC Components can be used BOTH in VCL and FMX apps.