TVrRunOnce causes IDE to close

Anybody have noticed a strange behavior in TVrRunOnce component?

The main form in a project contains this component since several years ago and had going with no problems, but since yesterday, when I open the project the IDE closes and throws several AV exceptions referring rtl250.bpl. If I delete -outside the IDE- the component in the pas and dfm files the project opens fine. As soon I add the component, close and reopen the IDE -with the project opened and from the welcome page the IDE crashes.
Any idea?
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado   

Forgot to mention: 

Delphi 10.2.2 
TMS Instrumentation Workshop 
Windows Pro 10 all updates installed.

I cannot reproduce this and cannot see a reason for this.
Can you isolate this in a new project?


I can't reproduce it in a new project. I use this component in many projects and it doesn't fails.
For now, I have delete it to finish the maintenance for this project.
Maybe some changes I did are causing the failure...
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado