TTMSFNCSearchEdit access violation Desing time opening Form

we are using TTMSFNCSearchEdit component in our Graphical Client, mainly in Win64, the problem is on desing time when opening the form an
AV appears for each TTMSFNCSearchEdit component in the form, then the Form opens and you can design ,compile and run OK
we are on C++ Builder 12 wit last month patch
it happened in all version since one year ago


I cannot reproduce this here.
Is this a VCL app? FMX app?
This might be caused by specific property settings, so, please provide at least the settings of this component so we can reproduce something here.

Hi Bruno, is a C++ Builder 12 FMX app ( 64 bits )
it happens when there is we define 2 columns on the TMSFNCSearchEdit
image (10.1 KB)

in this Projject, when loading the form2 on desig time the AV appears