Firemonkey PDF viewer


I'm just wondering if you also have a PDF viewer component for Firemonkey.
I noticed there is a PDFLib, but it looks like it's only for manipulating PDF's not displaying it.
But maybe I'm wrong.



Unfortunately no, we currently do not have a PDF Viewer component. It is already on our todolist for investigation.

Ok, Thx.

Hopefully you will have a component soon.


Any news about PDF Viewer?


Sorry, at this time we don't have a cross platform PDF viewer for FMX. We do have a PDF viewer for iOS and macOS, which are available in TMS iCL and TMS mCL

there is any news about that? I have bought the UI Pack for a fmx application that should works with macOs and Windows, and we really need a pdf viewer.
Thanks in advance
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We have added the TTMSFNCWebBrowser, which is capable of displaying PDF files on Windows and macOS. TTMSFNCWebBrowser is available in TMS FNC Core (

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Will there also be a version that works without Edge Chromium? Currently, Edge Chromium is not available on all systems.

Apart from that, Edge Chromium has problems with several websites.

The TTMSFNCWebBrowser is based on Edge Chromium for Windows, WKWebView (safari based) for macOS/iOS and WebView (chrome based) for Android. There is no alternative for now. If there are issues in Edge Chromium for particular websites, you need to report this to Microsoft. Additionally, if you don't have Edge Chromium available on a machine, you need to install the Edge Chromium WebView2 runtime, to make it available along with the necessary DLLs. More info can be found here:

Unfortunately, no Edge Chromium or WebView2 runtime may be installed on the affected computers (decision of the IT department).
The hint about the problems with Edge Chromium was only a hint that Edge Chromium is not an optimal base in every case.
But as it sounds, there will be nothing with an independent PDF support in the near future.

There are currently no plans to write a PDF viewer that works without dependencies.