TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo - Default font Name

I tried to set the font via SetFontName (via HTMLMemoInit) and it does work, however I still need to ReInitialize every time new HTML content is loaded. Every time a ReInitialize is performed the HTMLMemo flashes which is not exactly pretty to see.
Is there another possibility to set the Default Font?
Also when saving the text a ? is added in front of the text (Probably caused by UTF-8 code between a .


Do I understand correctly that you load some HTML content (is that via LoadHTMLContent?) and then you reinitialize the TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo? Can you check what happens if you call the SetFontName again instead of reinitializing?

Can you provide some more context on this? There are multiple ways to save a file, we'd like to know which one you are using. It would also help to know under what circumstances does this happen for you. Is it sufficient to just write some text into the memo or are you loading a file/text? If you are loading a file, can you send a sample we can test with?


The HTML is loaded by filling in HTMLMemo.HTML.Text. When the SetFontName is called after the text is filled in (instead of ReInitialize) the Font (Roboto) is set to the given Font. On the other hand the following code is inserted into the HTMLMemo:

<p><span style="font-family: Roboto;">'#$FEFF'</span><br></p>

The '#$FEFF' UTF code is between the tags and will eventually result in a ? (Decode UTF-8 string) when it is saved into the database.
So it the text "test" was inserted this would eventually result in "?test"
And the code would be:

'<p><span style="font-family: Roboto;">'#$FEFF'</span>test</p>'

Thank you for the details.

Seems like the zero width character this is inserted by the editor automatically for cursor position. We cannot prevent this as it is done by a 3rd party library, but we can implement a workaround by stripping it automatically from the text. The next version will contain the changes for this.