TTMSFNCWebCoreClientBrowser screenshot

How can I save the webpage visible in the browser as bitmap?

I dont mean the visible part, I mean the whole webpage.

I can do that easily with TWebBrowser in a vcl application, but the FNC browser has no QueryInterface, and no iviewobject etc. I could access.

I did not find any solution as of now. Same is valid for the TTMSFMXWebBrowser.

I need to do that using the FMX framework.

Access to the IWebBrowser2 interface can be done with


Please note that this is only valid on Windows.

Hm thanks, and there is no crossplatform solution?

This needs to be investigated. Each platform has its own native browser implementation. It depends on the APIs if this is possible. You can access the native webbrowser as a pointer with TMSFNCWebCoreClientWebBrowser.NativeBrowser and can then convert it to 

Android: JWebBrowser and JWebChromeClient (AndroidApi.JNI.Webkit and AndroidApi.JNI.Embarcadero)
iOS: UIWebView (iOSApi.UIKit)
macOS: WebView (macAPI.AppKit)