TTMSFNCWebBrowser - Java type JJavaScriptHelper could not be found

When using the control "TTMSFNCWebBrowser" on an Android application, an exception error is raised as follow:

Project Test.apk raised exception class EJNI with message 'Java type JJavaScriptHelper could not be found'.

The IDE then freezes up and the processed should be killed and the IDE restarted.

The following Android SDK platforms are installed:

  • Android R Preview
  • Android 10
  • Android 8.1.0

Please follow the instructions at

Hi, I've followed the instructions at but I still get the error "Java type JJavaScriptHelper could not be found" after clean, build and run on device. Is there a step missing or something different ? The device is Android 11, using the latest Delphi and TMS components.

I'm trying to the FNCMaps component to replace a WebGMaps component.

Are you sure you added the JAR file to the Libraries for the correct target? Can you perhaps also try to add android-support-v13.jar and disable android-support-v4.dex.jar ?