TTMSFNCGridPrintIO error on Android

Compile without problem in Windows 64 but when i try to compile in Android 64 get this error

Debugger Exception Notification

Project PropoVend.apk raised exception class EJNIFatal with message 'Java type FNCPrintDocumentAdapter$FNCPrintDocumentAdapterListener could not be found'.

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Please add the FNCPrintDocumentAdapter.jar from the Android Support folder in the installation folder to your libraries in your project. More info can be found here:

Can you give some more details where is this jar file?

In the installation folder, in a subfolder called "Android Support"

ok this was hidden and very difficult to find it. Thank you

C:\Users"Pc name"\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\registered\TMS FNC UI Pack\Android Support\FNCPrintDocumentAdapter

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