TMSFMXWebBrowser on Android

Hi Guys,

I am using Delphi 10.4 (with Patch 1) and TMS Pack for FireMonkey (this is the latest version downloaded yesterday.

My project is very simple, I drop a TTMSFMXWEBBrowser object onto the main Form, have a button to "Navigate" to a URL and the website shows in the browser.

This works fine on Win64 and iOS64, but not on Android :-(

On Android the app builds and installs but at launch the launch screen displays on the device and Delphi sits there with the "Launching" dialog open and they both sit there until I press cancel.

I have also tried to debug by putting a breakpoint on Application.initialize hoping I could step through the code and find the cause but it doesnt even get that far :-(

If I remove the WebBrowser from the form the app loads and runs properly on the Android device.

Any ideas would be very welcome please.

In reality I don't actually need a web browser, my requirement is to call an https url with some data and get an answer back which I can parse into what I need, I used to do this using the TidTCPClient but now the URL is HTTPS I need to change, so if anyone knows of any other webbrowser object where I can get InnerHTML or InnerText from that would be great.

Thanks in advance


Did you follow the steps to add the correct JAR files before starting the browser?

Thank you Pieter,

I hadn’t added the jar file as I was unaware that I had to and never found it whilst I was googling.

However I have now added it as per the instructions and it works J