TTMSFNCTreeView - Access violation designide290.bpl - Delphi12

Hello, when using the TTMSFNCTreeView component in my application, the Access villation 'designide.290.bpl' error started to appear when loading the form.

When removing the component, everything returns to normal.

Would you help me ?


Please run the application and see which error appears at run-time. If you don't get a message then it's a designtime only issue and then we'll need to know what triggers the access violation. Please send a reproducible sample so we can investigate here.

The program works without errors, both in the Windows and Android versions. Only when Delphi loads the project.

yes, so without more details we cannot guess where the access violation occurs.

I understand.
If I discover something I'll let you know.

Something interesting,

If I save the project with TTMSFNCTreeView Visible false the problem disappears.

I switch to visible true only during program execution.