TTMSFNCRibbon - Minimize not working on MacOS

The latest version of TTMSFNCRibbon fails to minimize the form when the minimize button is clicked when deployed to MacOS. (Both Intel and ARM)

This also happens in the demo that was installed with TMS FNC UI Pack.

The problem is that macOS does not allow a borderless window to be minaturized ( unless the NSMiniaturizableWindowMask value is added to the styleMask of the NSWindow )

Temp fix code I added to my FormShow is:

//Get the Mac OS X handle for this window.
var AHandle := WindowHandleToPlatform(Self.Handle);
//Return its NSWindow interface.
var AWindow := AHandle.Wnd;
//Set add the NSMiniaturizableWindowMask flag...
var AStyle := ( AWindow.styleMask OR NSMiniaturizableWindowMask );
AWindow.setStyleMask( AStyle );

This allows me to use the macOS Menu Bar to have a minimize menu item, but I still haven't found a solution for using the system menu's minimize button.


We fixed this here, next version of the TMS FNC UI Pack will address this.

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