Ribbon Minimize / Restore problem


I think I have found a problem with the FNC Ribbon. Seems when using the minimize button and try to click on the application icon on the task bar, the application does not always restore. It's even worse if you click on the application icon from the task bar to minimize it and then you use the same action to restore the application.

I tried the demo application and a new application using the FNC Ribbon Template. This does not happen if application is TForm based.  

I am using Windows 10 Pro 1903 and Delphi Rio 13.3.1


Assuming you are using FMX, it is an issue in using a form with disabled border. We have tested this here and this issue is also reproducible with a default TForm in FMX, with a BorderStyle property of None. As this is an underlying FMX framework issue, there is little that we can do on our side to fix the issue. Please report this issue to Embarcadero. 

I am not using FMX at the moment. It's a VCL project. The problem is easily on my side reproductible.

The way I do it is :

1. Create a new FNC VCL ribbon project. 
2. Start the application.
3. Press the minizine icon
4. Click on the application Icon on the task bar.

The application on my end doesn't restore to its original state.

Unfortunately even in VCL this is behaving differently with a borderless window. We'll investigate what exactly is going wrong with this. To fix this issue, you need to leave out the TTMSFNCRibbonForm and inherit from TForm again.


I tried the FNC Ribbon with the latest version of Lazarus and found out that it also has problem with the minimize / restore. And I also found out that moving the windows is very sluggish compared to Delphi.

On what operating system are you using this?

Windows 10 Pro 1903


The minimize/restore issue is something that can be reproduced in a Windows application that has no border. This is unfortunately a framework issue, not an issue that can be fixed here. We suggest to remove the TTMSFNCRibbonForm dependency, and switch to TForm instead, then the minimize/restore functionality will work as expected.


So you say it's a VLC framework problem? Or FNC? Showing a borderless TForm and trying to minimize it from by clicking the app icon on the task bar doesn't minimize as you say. But putting a button on the form that change the WindowState to wsMinimized and then click on the app icon on the task bar does restore the form to it's original states.

This is strange that this simple behavior doesn't work with TTMSFNCRibbonForm. Because FNC really appeal to me. If this cannot be fixed, than what is the use of a ribbon in the FNC framework? 

The Ribbon from the VCL pack works well, so I will use the VCL pack for my project.

P.S. I am a novice with your tools, so I mean no disrespect in any way. 


We'll investigate what exactly is going wrong and see if there is a workaround, what I was trying to explain is that the issue is reproducible without our components, when using a borderless window. So the issue is only partially due to the TTMSFNCRibbon. It's also technically challenging to fix these kind of issues. We have added this on our todolist.