TTMSFNCMaps.OnMapTypeChanged(), but no property MapType

The event OnMapTypeChanged() is fired when the user changes the maptype of TTMSFNCMaps, but there's no way to act on this, i.e. save and restore the maptype. Without the property the event is quite useless.
This property exists only for TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.


It's a bit atypical, but the AEventData.CustomData contains the changed map-type. You can check this value.

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCMaps1MapTypeChanged(Sender: TObject;
  AEventData: TTMSFNCMapsEventData);
  s: string;
  s := StringReplace(AEventData.CustomData, '"', '', [rfReplaceAll]);

thanks for that, yes, that's pretty unusual.

Can I set the maptype then as well?
That's the functionality I'm after...

The map-type can be changed with the property TMSFNCGoogleMaps.Options.MapTypeID. It's a Google Maps specific feature.

As the title says, I'm not talking about TMSFNCGoogleMaps, but about TMSFNCMaps.

As the map-type differs for each map service there is no abstract map type property for TTMSFNCMaps.

OK, got it, and already anticipated that.

This would be a mandatory feature, that I'd like to see.
As TMSFNCMaps knows which service is currently configured and we can derive the maptype from a string, why not use a service specific maptype property, that could be easily read and set?
Doesn't look too complicated!

We'll investigate the possibilities.