MapTypeStyle object

is it possible to use the google.maps.MapTypeStyle object properties?
with featureType you can define, which elements will be displayed in the map (poi/landscape/transit/...)
i can't find it in your component...


Unfortunately the MapTypeStyle object properties are currently not supported.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Alternatively some map elements and controls can be enabled/disabled from the ControlsOptions and MapOptions properties.
Please refer to the PDF manual for a full list with descriptions.

that would be great, if you can implement this feature!
i tried "MapOptions.DisablePOI" and found out, that changing it's value at runtime has no effect.
am i missing something?

however, changing "TMapOptions.SetDisablePOI" in UWebGMaps like this is working at runtime:
procedure TMapOptions.SetDisablePOI(const Value: Boolean);
  FDisablePOI := Value;
  if Value then
    FWebGmaps.ExecJScript('map.setOptions( {styles:[{"featureType":"poi","stylers":[{"visibility":"off"}]}]} );')
    FWebGmaps.ExecJScript('map.setOptions( {styles:[{"featureType":"poi","stylers":[{"visibility":"on"}]}]} );')


Thank you for your suggestion.
This change will be included with the next release of the TMS VCL WebGMaps.

it would be nice to have all possible map features as a property of TWebGMap.
i wrote a wrapper for ExecJScript to set the features at runtime ... but using the components properties will be the "right" way.

The following features are available (GOOGLE Maps API reference):

  • all (default) selects all features.
  • administrative selects all administrative areas. Styling affects only the labels of administrative areas, not the geographical borders or fill.
    • selects countries.
    • administrative.land_parcel selects land parcels.
    • administrative.locality selects localities.
    • administrative.neighborhood selects neighborhoods.
    • administrative.province selects provinces.
  • landscape selects all landscapes.
    • landscape.man_made selects structures built by humans.
    • landscape.natural selects natural features.
    • landscape.natural.landcover selects landcover features.
    • landscape.natural.terrain selects terrain features.
  • poi selects all points of interest.
    • poi.attraction selects tourist attractions.
    • selects businesses.
    • poi.government selects government buildings.
    • poi.medical selects emergency services, including hospitals, pharmacies, police, doctors, and others.
    • poi.park selects parks.
    • poi.place_of_worship selects places of worship, including churches, temples, mosques, and others.
    • selects schools.
    • poi.sports_complex selects sports complexes.
  • road selects all roads.
    • road.arterial selects arterial roads.
    • road.highway selects highways.
    • road.highway.controlled_access selects highways with controlled access.
    • road.local selects local roads.
  • transit selects all transit stations and lines.
    • transit.line selects transit lines.
    • transit.station selects all transit stations.
    • transit.station.airport selects airports.
    • transit.station.bus selects bus stops.
    • transit.station.rail selects rail stations.
  • water selects bodies of water.