TTMSFNCListBox and Lookup issue

I have lookup enabled, have about 10000 items in the listbox. I select an item, so the listbox has focus, type a letter and it jumps to the item. After that, lookup does not do anything anymore, even I clear and repopulate the listbox, it does not jump anymore to the item. Also incremental does not work.

It lookup an item just once, then no more, except I cant find anything I else have to do, there's not much in the documentation.

KeyDown event is not fired also, maybe thats the reason why it react only once to a keypress.


Everything is working as expected here. Can you try by setting:

TMSFNCListBox1.CanFocus := True;

Makes no difference for me. It only works for a single keypress, then no more.

The onKeyDown event is not fired at all forme (but is when assigning it to a normal tlistbox):

We are not able to reproduce this here, the listbox is functioning as expected. We are currently building a new version that will be released next week. You can await the next version, or alternatively use the TTMSFNCTreeView, that is actually the same component as the TTMSFNCListBox with some modifications.

I did another test, NEW fmx app, dropped the listbox, did not modify anything, assigned an onKeyDown handler, and nothing, never triggered. There is definitely something not right, because other listboxes all trigger the onkeydown event just fine.

Possible you already made changes which are in the new version, who knows, but I just cant wait any longer. Our customer wont wait also and too many things are not right with the components.