TTMSFNCCheckedListBox in TMS Web not displayed after adding items


I have a TMS Web Project where I fill a TTMSFNCCheckedListBox with items after a button is pressed. Initially the empty TTMSFNCCheckedListBox is displayed, however after I add items, the ListBox is not visible anymore. If I click into the area where it is located, the ListBox appears.

I'm using the newest TMS Web and TMS FNC UI packages. Delphi 11.1 Enterprise is used.

You can easily reproduce this by creating an fresh TMS Web project and add the default TMSFNCCheckedListBox to the project. When you run the project, the ListBox shortly appears and then disappears. When you click into the area where it is located, it reappears.

Please advise.

I have found a workaround for this. While the ListBox is not displayed initally, it is displayed after I add the entries and while doing so, before every entry is added a BeginUpdate is issued and after the entry was added, a EndUpdate is issued.
That works for me, however I think the initial behaviour is still an error.


We'll investigate what exactly is going on. Thanks for reporting!