TTMSFNCImage is not clipping in TCircle


I use an TCircle with an TTMSFNCImage on it.

If image is loaded with an TTMSFNCURLBitmapContainer
the result image is not cliped.

But if I load static image in TTMSFNCImage at design time all is fine.

What I need to do to show corectly image in TCircle?

Best regards,
Tiberiu Stoicescu


We have put this together but cant' see clipping on the circle? Can you provide more info on how to make this work?

Indeed, there is no cut in the association of TCircle with a TTMSFNCImage or TImage.

In the test image I had transparent edges and I got confused with that.

In the imgURLBitmapContainerDownloadComplete event
I need to assign the uploaded image to the Circle1.Fill.Bitmap.Bitmap property and all is fine.


Thanks for the feedback!