TMSFNCTileListItem: Image issue

Hello dear TMS support,

if I load a image (png, jpg) into the property image of TMSFNCTileListItem it doesn't show the image at run time. (1.8 MB)


We tested the following with RAD Studio 12:

  1. Created a new VCL application
  2. Dropped the TTMSFNCTileList on the form
  3. Selected the first element from the Items collection and loaded a PNG image into the Image property. Also set the ImagePosition to tipClient.
  4. Repeated the 3rd step, this time with the second item and a JPEG image.

After running the application we see the images correctly:

What are you doing differently?

I have tried your steps but without luck.
Could you send me your sample code?

That is strange. Here's the project: (123.1 KB)

Thanks for your help. I found a solution that works for us.

When I use the following line code it works fine
but with the Bitmap Editor it doesn't work