TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup or TTMSFNCGrid.GridToolBarPopup

OS: Debian 10 (buster) LXDE
fpc 3.3.1
lazaraus 2.1

component: TTMSFNCGrid
When I put a TMSFNCToolBarPopup1 component on a form, I can't add it to TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup
TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup = (none)
When I put a TMSFNCGridToolBarPopup1 component on a form, then I can add TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup
TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup = TMSFNCGridToolBarPopup1

I think it should change,
TTMSFNCGrid.ToolBarPopup to TTMSFNCGrid.GridToolBarPopup

I think it speaks for itself that the ToolBarPopup for the grid should be the TTMSFNCGridToolBarPopup. Also at designtime you cannot select non-visual components that are not compatible which gives you a second insight on which components are compatible. We are not going to change the property naming to avoid introducing breaking changes.