TTMSFNCGrid ScrollBars visible despite Options.ScrollBar being False


There seems to be a problem with ScrollBars as they are visible when the width and/or height of the grid is greater than that of the containing window or panel, even though Options.ScrollBar.HorizontalScrollBarVisible is False and Options.ScrollBar.VerticalScrollBarVisible is False.

FNC UI Pack V4.1.0.5 (TTMSFNCGrid V1.0.8.2), Tested in FireMonkey application on Windows. I guess the same thing happens in the current version since Version History doesn't mention any fix about it


Correct, this is a bug. We have fixed this here, the next version will address this. For now, please use the properties directly at TTMSFNCGrid level:

TMSFNCGrid.HorizontalScrollBarVisible & TMSFNCGrid.VerticalScrollBarVisible