Another scrolling (issue?) with FNCGrid

When I have a grid with rows fitting into the client area, so no scrollbar appear, I still can scroll the grid with the mouse wheel until the last row is at the top. Is that by design?

Did you check these properties:

Thats not the issue, the problem is, even the rows are fitting inside the grids display area, I still can scroll them up with the mouse wheel.

You said ‘no scrollbars appear’. So, checking those properties is indeed necessary. Are those both true and the scrollbars are not shown?

Scrollbars should only appear when there are more rows than visible in the grid, like any other Windows list, so there are no scrollbars visible when there are only 10 rows in the grid, but the grid could display more, like in my example above.

The problem is not the scrollbars, the problem is that I can scroll with the mouse wheel, even it should definitely not scroll.

I sent an email with a link to this post and an example project

Thank you for your project, we’ll look at it as soon as possible. Did you know you can also include an attachment to your post?

Issue has been fixed!

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