TableView default height with auto calculation


Now that I moved several parts of my old FMX UI Pack code to FNC UI Pack with your help, I want to ask if there is possible that exist a default "height" for items but with the autocalculation enabled in case of "text" exceed this default height?

It's only a suggestion because in such way our users can see heights = 40 for every items instead of default, so space between rows be more legible, but if text exceed of this 40 height then tableview can recalculate and increase height as it does right now.


Here are two screenshoots, both of them with height = -1 and heightmode = tvhmVariable

Image above on rows with small text the height is small, so if my user wants to delete the row it will be more dificult, see the image with red rectangle.

So if we can code a default height like the one with green rectangle then our users easily can move his fingers in order to show the "moreoptions" rectangles.

On image below the user data it's bigger enought to increase row heights, so customer can easily delete items with left gesture.

It's not exposed by default, but you can access the VariableMinimumHeight via the TreeView access

TMSFNCTableView1.TreeView.NodesAppearance.VariableMinimumHeight := 100;

Thanks, that did the trick

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