TTMSFMXLiveGrid Row Height

Its possible to put some HTML tags in cells.

I'm using a <UL><IL> tags in my Grid, it comes from database using livebinds.

How can I set the row height according the html content? Today the content overlap the cells bellow.



While waiting for the answer regarding row auto heigh, I decide to try WordWrap column feature, for my surprise it does not work when AdaptToStyle is True, and when AdaptToStyle is False it does wraps the text, but again the row height is not adjusted and the text overlaps others cells.

Managed to make it work.

On the event GetCellLayout, need to set WordWrapping property of the TTMSFMXGridCellLayout to True (not WordWrap as mentioned in the manual)

And then use an undocumented Procedure AutoSizeRows, need to put it in the code, no way to do it in Design Time.

That will be good if you guys update the manuals, a lot of missing and outdated stuff  in there.
Talked too early. configuration above, formats only visible rows, when I scroll down the Grid all others rows has height of 1 with no data inside.

In the font FMX.TMSGridData.pas line 3246 , the Cells[ACol, ARow] variable returns an empty string, for nom visible rows, when I use the procedure AutoSizeRows.


The method AutoSizeRows only applies to the rows which already has the data loaded. In the TTMSFMXLiveGrid, the data is only loaded for the visible rows. If you want to load all data and apply AutoSizing afterwards, you need to call LoadAllDataAndDisconnect method and then afterwards the AutoSizeRows method.

Thanks, now it works.