TMSFNCPageControl - Hide Tabs

Hi, for improvements 

Often times one needs to use the Page Control without Tabs, and access the tabs via say a button for example. Changing the tab height and width hides the tabs, however a grey line appears at the top despite setting of color to white for example.


1 - Drop a TMSFNCPanel on a new form, align it to the top
2 - Add a TMSFNCPageControl, and align it to the alClient to fill up the form
3 - Set TMSFNCPageControl1.Color to white
4 - Set TMSFNCPageControl1.TabSize.Height (and Width) to 0

Run this!

There is a gray line between the TMSFNCPanel1 and TMSFNCPageControl1. :(

ALSO - Please include a Bevel := bvNone / bvRaised or some way to have a flat panel. As it is the border always appears and this is not desirable. 

Thank you.

Is this the correct place/forum to post this type of message?

I have been able to rectify this with the Stroke property. Thx.

Thanks for informing.