is it possible, that TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDrive.SearchList() isn't implemented yet? If I use this method, the OnSearch event will not be triggered. And I can't also find a declaration in FMX.TMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDrive.pas.


SearchList() is indeed currently not supported in TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDrive.
Can you please try using Search() instead?

Ok, I will take a look, if I will use Search() or GetFolderListHierarchical() to check, if a special folder like MyApps\AppsName\data\ exists. After that, I would store the FolderID to remember this folder.

In VCL and FMX version of Cloud Pack there was a method TMSStorage.GetSkyDriveFolder(FolderID, OneDriveItems) to get the file list of the remembered folder. Is there a equivalent method?

Have you tried using GetFolderList as an equivalent to GetSkyDriveFolder from TMS VCL Cloud Pack?
There's currently no overload available with FolderID parameter, but you could programmatically create a TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDriveItem and assign your stored FolderID to it.

We'll have to investigate if this behaviour can be improved in a future version.

Hello, fine, the creation of TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDriveItem and assigning FolderId works :+1:

Happy to help!