How to search for an existing folder with TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive

I've figured out how to search for an existing folder using TMSFNCCloudStorageServices
but the Search() method is different in the TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive component.

The documents says this about sample code for TMSFNCCloudStorageServices:

See TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices for sample code

That sample code only uses the TMSFNCCloudStorageServices component and not the TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive component (which have different Search methods).

How do I search for a folder using TMSFNCloudGoogleDrive and then get the files in that folder?

Searching for a folder in TTMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive is pretty similar to how it works in TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices.

  • Use the SearchFolder method with the folder name as parameter. If the folder exists, this returns a TTMSFNCCloudItem.
  • Use the TTMSFNCCloudItem as the parameter value for the GetFolderList call.
    This will return the files in the provided folder.

The Search function of TTMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive is explained in the online doc:

Unfortunately there is currently no specific sample code available.

The issue I'm having (which is addressed in another thread) is that the SearchFolder method works on Windows and Android but fails on MacOS and iOS.

When running on MacOS or iOS, the resulting call to TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive1.Search has ARequestResult.Success=True and ASearchResults.Count=0 which I assume means the search worked but it did not find the folder.

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