OneDrive and the special folder


is there a function/method in OneDrive/SkyDrive like TAdvGDrive.GetFileInfo()?

If not, how can I access the special folder by name: ?

The problem is I want to access a special folder without loading the complete folder structure by GetDrive.

Many thanks

Btw: it's a little bit annoying that your website gives me a message after writing this lines, that the session time would be over after 5 minutes.

You can get the files in a specific folder without loading the entire tree vua

AdvOneDrive.GetFolderList(Folder: TCloudItem):TCloudItems;

This loads all files/subfolders of the folder represented by Folder:TCloudItem

I want to create my own folder structure like \Apps\MyCompany\MySoftware\
The first time I connect to OneDrive without a saved folder ID. That's why the app downloads the complete folder structure of OneDrive and checks, which folder of the structure exists and built my own folder structure.
Now I read the folder ID of this folder and save it to an ini file.

After the next start of the App only I want to check if the folder exists, but don't want to download the complete folder structure again.

With GetSkyDriveFolder(FolderID, OneDriveItems) I will get the files and folders in it. But if its empty I don't know, how I can get the information that the folder really exist.
Thats why I miss a function like AdvGDrive.GetFileInfo().

Could you give me a hint which method/function I have to use to get an information that the folder exists?

Sorry I forgot to expalin that I need the folder item as TOneDriveItem.

Okay, I found a solution.

Now I use the SearchFile() function and check all the results with the saved FolderID.