TTMSFNCCloudDropBox some help ... (part 1)

Good afternoon, i'm tring to add, in my application, the possibility to store on dropbox one zipped file.
To do this i use TTMSFNCCloudDropBox and i have some questions (i have register the application and i have all clientid, secret and i have my own dropbox account (name and password).
Excuse me if these question are "child questions".

  • If i double click on component i can set 3 required filed and if i press "authenticate" button the green label with "successfuly Authenticated" appear. How can i reproduce it in run time ?

  • How i can log in to my personal dropbox account and show a folders/files list ?

Thank's for your help and patience.

Best regards



If you are successfully authenticated you already have access to the DropBox content of the account you used to login to DropBox.

You can use the GetFolderList call to retrieve a list of files and folders.
The Upload call can be used to upload files from your PC to DropBox.

Please have a look at the demo applications included with TMS FNC Cloud Pack for example code.
Both the OverViewDemo and CloudStorageServicesDemo demonstrate this functionality.

Hi Bart,
thank you for fast reply.
I'll do some other test and i'll inform you about any progress ..

Thnak's for all


Happy to help!