FNC VCL CloudStorageServiceDemo (Delete item on cloud)

Good morning to all,
using this demo there is no way to delete a selected file when the "delete" button is pressed.
Investigating into the event (onDeleteItem) i have:

ARequestResult.responsecode = 409
ARequestResult.resultstring = '{"error_summary": "path_lookup/not_found/", "error": {".tag": "path_lookup", "path_lookup": {".tag": "not_found"}}}'

The file exists and looking into ARequestResult (if the filename is Test.Zip.Test) it is presents as "/Test.Zip.Test".

Just to complete, the file i'm tring to delete is in 2nd subdirectory as root\TestDir\SecondTestDir\Test.Zip.Test

Can you investigate and/or tell me where i'm doing error ?

Thank you for your attention

PS: Could be great improve a little bit the TTMSFNCCloudDemoListBox and transform TTMSFNCCloudDemoListBox into TTMSFNCCloudListBox (thanks .....)


There was an issue with deleting files in subfolders when using the DropBox service. This has now been resolved. The update will be available with the next TMS FNC Cloud Pack release.

Thank you for your suggestion about the TTMSFNCCloudDemoListBox! We'll take it into consideration.

Thank you Bart !!

Good mornong Bart,
do you have any news about new fnc cloud pack release?
With last update (March 23) the problem persist ...

Thank you for attention

Hi Daniele,

There's no ETA yet for the next TMS FNC Cloud Pack release.
If you require the fix urgently, please request an incremental source update by sending an email to info@tmssoftware.com

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