TTMSFNCCalendar Left arrow does not work

Hi, in TTMSFNCCalendar left arrow (previous month) does not work. I can only click arrow to change month to the next month.

Works as expected here, please provide more details / sample.

Thank you for quick check. I have made some more tests. When I put TTMSFNCCalendar on the form and its width is equal to the wodth of the form. Then areas at the left and at the right of the form (about 20 pixels) do no response to mouse clicks. The problem is probably connected to FMX, not to TMS.

Please provide a reproducible test case so we can investigate, what are the left and right pink transparent borders?

Ok. When you wrote this, I stated, that maybe it is not common feature of FMX. And finally I discovered the reason: I use TMultiView component to display filters etc on my forms. They have default property DrawerOptions.TouchAreaSize set to 20 points. When I set it to 0, the system responses on mouse clicks at the left and right borders of the screen!

Thank you for quick response - it was very helpful! And TTMSFNCCalendar works perfectly as well!

Thanks for the feedback!