TTMSFNCButton + Bitmaps

Hi + tx for an answer!

I am unsure how to use the BitmapContainer with the FNCButton. Unfortunately I can?t find this in the docs.

When assigning a Bitmap countainer to the FNCButton, I thought, I would see the Names of the bitmaps in the BitmapName-dropdown. However, this is empty.

What am I missing?

tx Bernd

Is the TMS FNC Core designtime package correctly installed? You can also manually type in the name of the bitmap specified in the bitmapcontainer items collection.

This is not helpful at all.

I do not want to type the name of the bitmap, when there is a dropdown supposed to show me the names. And yes, TMS FNC Core is installed correctly - at least AFAIKS. I used the subscription managers to install the core as well as the components. How would I find out, wether the core design time packages aren?t installed correctly?

Is this supposed to work as described?

It's unclear why this is not helpful, when you do not see the list of bitmaps, the alternative is to specify a bitmap name that has been defined in the bitmap-container. The list is a designtime helper feature that is only enable if the designtime package is properly installed and there is no interference with other designtime-packages. You can verify if the core design-time package is installed by opening the installed components dialog.

I think, the drop down is supposed to show to names of the bitmaps. And if it doesn?t, specifying the name is a workaround and not a solution.

Obviously, my answer to "is the fnc core design pack installed correctly" will be "Yes", unless you give me information on how to verify this.
BTW: Yes, the design time package is listed as expected.

Specifying the name as well as the container works, however, I not happy with memorizing bitmap names :-/

Am I missing something?

Tx for your support!

This is indeed a workaround, and we are currently investigating what is going wrong. Until the issue is resolved, please use the workaround as suggested.