TTMSFMXTabSet styling

I am developing an application that uses both TTMSFMXPageControl and TTMSFMXTabSet. The picture shows part of my form with a TTMSFMXPageControl on the left and a TTMSFMXTabSet on the right. The stylebook contains the Embarcadero premium style called Diamond and AdaptToStyle is set to True for both components. The PageControl has a light grey background behind the tabs, but the TabSet has a white background. I prefer the light grey background of the PageControl as the outline of the active tab can be seen more clearly. Is it possible for me to change the styling of the TabControl so that it also has a light grey background behind the tabs?


The page control has a transparent background, you can enable this for the tabset by using the following code: TMSFMXTabSet1.DisableBackground;

Great! That was easy but I would never have thought of it. Thanks for your help.

Is it possible to make more extensive changes such as modifying the tab's fill color or stroke? I assume that with AdaptToStyle = true, the appearance settings in the Object Inspector have no effect? Are the settings picked up from some item in the Stylebook and would I have to edit that Stylebook item to make a change?
That is correct, with AdaptToStyle, the style is automatically retrieved from the active StyleBook attached to the form and overrides settings styled at designtime. Based on the information on what is available from default style elements (grid, listview, button, edit) the controls are styled. There unfortunately no way to have each element of each control styled for each available FMX style across all available RAD Studio versions that we support, therefore we try to style the elements as good as possible. 

If you still want to override the style applied with AdaptToStyle at designtime, you can set properties in the constructor of the form. If you are using a style changer, you need to re-apply each property again after the style changes.

Thanks for additional information. I now fully understand.